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FrameRite Connectors Catalog

FrameRite Connectors Catalog

ICC ESR-3758

Download ICC-ES ESR#3578
to review included products.

BridgeRite® Clips (BR)

BridgeRite® Clips are ready for use to attach cold rolled channel to wall studs. This easy to use clip will save time and money from having to cut longer length angles down to size.

Material: 16 ga (54) 50 ksi

Finish: Galvanized - G90


  • Attach BridgeRite® clip to web of stud and cold rolled channel #10 - 16 screws through pre-punched holes.

Coiled Straps (CS)

Simpson Strong Tie  
Typical Floor-to-Floor Tie Installation  

CS are continuous utility straps which can be cut to length on the job site. Packaged in lightweight (abuot 40 pound) cartons.

Finish: Galvanized - G90


  • Use all specified fasteners.
  • Refer to the applicable code for minimum edge and end distances.
  • Catalog table shows the maximum allowable loads and the screws required to obtain them. Fewer screws may be used; reduce the allowable load by the code lateral load for each fastener subtracted from each end.

Katz Blocking (KB)


Katz Blocking has been designed to provide top of wall attachment between parallel framing members. Product is pre-punched to work in 16" and 24" spacing of parallel framing members of wood or steel.

Material: 18 ga (43 mil) 33 ksi; 20 ga (30 mil) 33 ksi; 25 ga (18 mil) 33 ksi

Finish: Galvanized - G40


  • Insert the pre-cut structural blocking to fit securely between the underside of the floor/ceiling joist or roof trusses.
  • Using #8 minimum self-drilling screws secure the blocking to steel framing of #8d nail to wood framing using the pre-punched holes.
  • Use Katz blocking at 4' o.c. or maximum specified.

Tension Bridging (TB)

Simpson Strong Tie  
Typical Installation

TB bridging is a cost effective way to provide bracing between floor joists when compared with field fabricated blocking and clip angles with multiple fasteners. TB is a tension-type bridging with maximum fastener flexibility. Use two #10 screws of the seven screw holes at each end.

Material: 20 ga (33 mil) 50 ksi

Finish: Galvanized - G90


  • Bridging will fit flange widths frmo 1 5/8" to 3"
Drawings courtesy of Simpson Strong-Tie Co.


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