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Our line of FrameRite® Connectors are designed specifically to reduce labor while assuring proper attachment of cold-formed steel products. In addition, we feature world-class Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors which are available through Marino\WARE®.

This combination of Marino\WARE® and Simpson Strong-Tie® Connectors unites two industry leaders and offers our customers a one-stop source for the most reliable connectors available. At Marino\WARE® we are dedicated to your success and committed to delivering the best possible products to the metal framing industry. 

  • FrameRite Connectors are the industry’s most comprehensive line of connectors for cold formed steel framing.
  • Designed to significantly reduce time, labor, materials and costs, our connectors facilitate quicker, more cost-effective installation.
  • Along with our partner Simpson Strong-Tie, the industry leader in connectors, we offer over 300 varieties of connectors covering every conceivable load requirement encountered on the jobsite.
  • Save time, labor and cost. FrameRite Connectors give you more control, more options,
    and more ways to build better.


ViperStud® Drywall Framing

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ViperStud® Drywall Framing

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  • breakaway clips product image

    Breakaway Clips (BA)

    Breakaway Clips are manufactured from aluminum and designed to melt under extreme heat allowing a fire damaged structure to collapse while permitting the fire wall to remain in place and protect the adjacent units.

    Material: Aluminum .063″


    • Must be used in conjunction with Area Separation Wall Systems.
    • Attach the Breakaway Clip to the completed Area Separation Wall Assembly.
    • One Clip should be located at each side of each H Stud.
    • Fasten BA Clip to H Stud with a screw through the pre-punched holes.
    • Attach to wood or steel adjacent framing with nails or screws respectively.
  • grommet product image


    Grommets snap easily into stud and joist knockouts. They are used to protect electrical wiring and plumbing lines from contacting metal. Grommets can be used in commerical and residential construction for stud sizes of 3 1/2′ and larger.


    • Install grommets in all stud knockouts where wiring and plumbing lines will be inserted.
    • Simple one piece snap in installation.
    • 25 parts to a bag/500 to a box.
  • U-Flex Track product image

    U-Flex Track

    U-Flex is a flexible steel track whose main feature is its great flexibility in every direction, both horizontally and vertically. It was designed for curved steel and wood framing and works great for walls, ceilings, arches, columns, etc. U-Flex easily adapts to all types of curves. U-Flex fits together to create identical shapes and is simple, fast, economical and professional.


    It’s so easy to apply. It’s a valuable time-saver. It’s the assurance of doing a complex job. It’s the satisfaction of a job well done. No more headaches or complicated calculations. No more of the arduous and often inaccurate work performed by the metallic scissors. No more doubt or hesitation when faced with a curved-surface project.