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    GenieClip™ – Impact and Airborne Sound Control Clip

    GenieClip™ is manufactured by Pliteq Inc. and distributed by Marino\WARE®

    US Patent Number 7,895,803

    Click here for GenieClip™ Test Data and UL Certifications

    An innovative, affordable and reliable sound solution
    Engineered for superior acoustical performance in reducing the transmission of airborne and impact sound through wall and floor/ceiling assemblies.

    The GenieClip™ is a unibody molded rubber and galvanized steel part used to attach drywall to either wall or floor/ceiling assemblies. Made from recycled components, and engineered to allow reduction in assembly weight, the GenieClip™ contributes to LEED certified building.

    Easy to Install
    The GenieClip™ is easy and fast to install using standard steel furring channel and is extremely stable when held in place with a single fastener. There is nothing to adjust or site fit. The furring channel is simply snapped into the GenieClip™ and the Gypsum Wallboard (GWB) can be immediately installed.

    General Installation Guide
    Step-by-Step Installation for CeilingsGenie1