About the Founder – Leroy Schecter

Marino\WARE is proud to be 100% American-owned and operated. Our history goes back many decades, starting when our owner and chairman, LeRoy Schecter, returned from serving in the US Navy during World War II. Back in civilian life, Mr. Schecter began working in the steel business in Newark, NJ. Originally operating American Strip Steel as a steel service center, Mr. Schecter eventually expanded into steel stud manufacturing in 1989 under Ware Industries, Inc. In 1993, Ware Industries, Inc. purchased Marino Industries, and thus Mr. Schecter formed Marino\WARE from the acquisition and expanded from one location to four. To this day, four of our Marino\WARE locations (South Plainfield, NJ; Griffin, GA; East Chicago, IN, and Delanco, NJ) are mega-plants — large, self-sufficient facilities providing hundreds of jobs to American workers.

In addition, Mr. Schecter owns Norbet Trucking, which serves as the primary provider of transportation services to both Marino\WARE and American Strip Steel. Mr. Schecter began Norbet Trucking in 1965 as a fully qualified asset-based contract carrier as well as a fully qualified freight broker to honor our commitment to unparalleled service and next-day delivery promise.

Today, all three aforementioned companies owned by Mr. Schecter operate under the banner of Ware Industries, Inc. Born from patriotic and humble beginnings, Ware Industries proudly employs American workers in US-based plants. After all, reinvesting in local communities remains the spirit of who we are as a company to this very day.

Most importantly, Marino\WARE helps build America. So when considering where to buy your metal framing products, think Marino\WARE for outstanding quality and service and become part of our legacy.

Our past is grand, but the best is yet to come.