Quote Policy

To: Our Valued Customers

Re: Marino\WARE Quote Policy

Effective April 13, 2010, Marino\WARE has changed its quote policy. Job quotes will be in effect for up to a maximum of six months from date of quotation on any project, including applicable escalators.

A quote must be activated within 90 days of issue, or it will be voided. “Activation” is defined as shipment of the first full truck load (40,000 lbs or the entire job if less than a full truck load) of cut-to-size product (after field measurements are taken) for the specific project.

Activation serves to fully commit the project in its entirety to Marino\WARE on behalf of both the distributor and contractor. We can quote any job for budgetary purposes, but only those that are “activated” by a customer will be valid for shipment. Activated quotes expire after six months, and the job is subject to re-quoting at that time.

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