Brian Olsen Perry
Olsen Drywall, Inc., Lehi, UT
We had an excellent experience working with Marino\WARE and using their JoistRite products. The aspects we like the most about the JoistRite system was first the price, and second the availability of the engineering department to provide invaluable help with regards to construction information and getting approval letters to the engineer of record. Also, Marino\WARE was able to deliver material to our jobsite quickly. The lighter product weight of the JoistRite members combined with Marino\WARE’s engineering services contributed largely to our cost savings.

Barna Cokay
Manhattan North Building Corporation, New York, NY
The light weight and ease of handling of the JoistRite system was a plus; the rigidity of JoistRite members compared to standard C joists made the installation of longer spans quicker and easier. The light weight of the members also made moving the material around the jobsite simple, and all the trades we worked with were happy with the ease of installation. Due to the cutouts in the joist no ceiling needed to be lowered, which maximized the ceiling height. In addition, the engineered JoistRite drawings were very thorough and easy to read.

Declan White
Mainland Construction
As soon as we became familiar with the product, working with the JoistRite system proved a great experience. The best aspect of this system was that we were ablt to span two houses using 42′ lengths. JoistRite saved us labor time and cut our cost due to its reduced weight, easy handling, and large span capabilities. We also received a very positive reaction from the electricians and plumbers working on our job. In addition, the engineered JoistRite drawings were accurate and easy to follow. Overall, the JoistRite system worked out very well.