Marino\WARE® Celebrates 30 Years of Unrivaled Service, Product Innovation and Manufacturing Excellence

In the ever-evolving world of construction, where efficiency solutions and on-time delivery are essential, Marino\WARE, a division of Ware Industries, Inc., is a trailblazing force. Backed by decades of unrivaled service, product innovation and manufacturing excellence, we are the go-to partner for discerning architects, builders, contractors, and distributors.


Our History

Our history as a proud American-owned and operated business dates back to 1954, when American Strip Steel was founded as a steel servicing center dedicated to providing unparalleled service. Our commitment to excellence continued in 1965 with the founding of Norbet Trucking, which added next-day delivery to our service platform. In 1989, we expanded into steel stud manufacturing under Ware Industries, Inc., followed by the introduction of Marino\WARE in 1993, when Marino Industries found a new home under the Ware Industries, Inc. umbrella. This thoughtful evolution has allowed us to remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence and build on our reputation for reliability and efficiency.


Our Commitment to Excellence

Forming a network that stretches from the Eastern seaboard to the Rocky Mountains, we proudly operate manufacturing facilities across key locations in South Plainfield, NJ, Griffin, GA, and East Chicago, IN. Our Norbet Trucking team works around the clock to uphold our next-day delivery, supporting our quality products with superior delivery. Our solutions-driven sales and architectural team leverages a deep well of knowledge to guide architects, builders, and contractors toward products and systems that reclaim time, streamline labor, and optimize costs. And our Marino\WARE DesignGroup®, comprised of a dedicated team of structural engineers and technical experts, stands ready to provide support and service that transcends the ordinary.

At our core, Marino\WARE is guided by timeless values of excellence and a steadfast commitment to impeccable service. Yet, what truly sets Marino\WARE apart is the equal emphasis we place on nurturing and empowering our dedicated workforce. This commitment extends well beyond our business endeavors, proudly reflecting our company’s resolute identity as a 100% American-owned and operated entity. This allegiance resonates in every corner of our operations – from fostering local employment opportunities to actively uplifting communities. It’s a commitment that is etched into the DNA of the products we manufacture, mirroring the steadfast values of our dedicated team.


Our Products and Services

Our deep understanding of the construction industry and the challenges our customers face drives us to innovate and develop new products and services that meet their needs. This has helped us become a leader in structural and nonstructural steel framing, and we offer a wide range of products and services, from shaftwall/area separation products to plastering steel and drywall finishing products. We are committed to providing solutions that accelerate construction timelines, enhance building life cycles, and trim in-place costs for owners. Our comprehensive portfolio of sought-after product innovations includes esteemed brands such as StudRite® and JoistRite®, SoundGuard®, RC-MAX acoustical components, Marino\WARE® Firestopping, SureBoard® shear wall and floor assemblies, and ClipSource® and GenieClip® connectors.

However, Marino\WARE’s role isn’t confined to presenting exceptional products alone. Our Marino\WARE DesignGroup® offers unparalleled technical support and engineering expertise. This pivotal team delivers a suite of invaluable services including professionally engineered stamped shop drawings, guidance on product installation, and insightful advice spanning structural, nonstructural, fire, and acoustic assemblies. From project conception to delivery, Marino\WARE takes pride in being a strategic ally in your project’s intricate journey.


Our Team

Extending beyond the factory floor and construction sites, Marino\WARE proudly champions our workforce’s commitment to community betterment through active participation in community and industry organizations. Our team’s involvement spans community-building endeavors, health awareness and safety consciousness advocacy, and contributing subject matter expertise to advance industry code and compliance excellence.


Our Future

Driven by a passion for providing superior service, nurtured by dedication, and fueled by innovation, Marino\WARE is more than just a manufacturer. We are a partner who delivers on our promise to provide you with the quality products you expect, next-day, and backed by a knowledgeable team at the ready to provide you with unrivaled support. Every product, every idea, and every endeavor are an expression of our commitment to elevating standards of service and product quality.


We invite you to learn more about our history and explore ways in which we can work together to enhance your upcoming projects by visiting or contacting us at Your vision, our expertise – let’s shape the future together.