Greetings from Marino\WARE!

We at Marino\WARE take pride not only in our outstanding products, but also ensuring that working with us is as easy as possible for our users. For this reason, Marino\WARE updated their submittal feature on their website as of 11/8/2017. You can view these changes here:

We believe this update can help you slash submittal paperwork by giving you the ability to fill your cover page and download it with your submittal. Of course this new feature is totally optional, meaning that if you enjoy simply selecting and downloading submittals using the previous method, you’re welcome to continue.

Below is an example of the previous submittals page. This page allowed you, the user, to select specific Marino\WARE products to include into your submittal. You would then click off to the right in order to download them as a whole submittal. When your submittal was fully downloaded, your cover page would appear empty.

MarinoWARE, Commercial Metal Stud Framing


Now here is the new submittals page. Just as before, this page allows you, the user, to select specific Marino\WARE products to include into your submittal. Yet unlike the previous feature where you would simply click to the right to download, you now have an extra option. In the module to the right, another button reads:  Complete Cover Sheet Online and Download Files and allows you to fill out the cover sheet before downloading. Again, you may skip this step if you wish. But it’s there if you want it.  

Additionally, the marketing professionals at Marino\WARE opted to nix most of the frill and fluff from this page. Anything that could confuse or distract users has been removed, leaving you with the simple functionality you demand. 

You will also find these changes reflected in your mobile viewing experience as well.

We thank you for taking the time to review this improvement. And as always, we welcome your input at


The Marino\WARE Marketing Department