FAS Track

FAS Track 1000 requires NO fire sealant or fire spray when used on solid concrete construction or when used with spray applied fireproofing at fluted pan decks for 1 and 2 hour fire rated walls.

FAS Track costs up to 25% LESS than other brands claiming the same type of fire/acoustical/sound abatement.

With FAS Track 1000 you are guaranteed that once installed the intumescent tape will not wear off, tear off, or fall off, making it the most reliable intumescent track on the market.

On fluted deck applications mineral wool can be replaced with spray applied fireproofing, this assembly will not require any additional fire spray or fire caulking


The intumescent on the FAS Track 1000 (US patent 8,640,415) is installed completely on the web of the track along the outer edge. There are several benefits of having the intumescent on the web.

  • FAS Track 1000 provides a sound deadening element to the head-of-wall joint that has been tested and proven to provide even greater STC rating than acoustic sealant.
  • FAS Track 1000 provides a superior gasket when sealing against uneven concrete decks and with the intumescent compressed between the track and the concrete deck it ensures that the intumescent will not pull away from the track or be damaged by other trades.
  • Best of all, because of the efficiency of the FAS Track 1000 profile, less intumescent is required so it can be offered at a substantial savings when compared to the current intumescent deflection tracks on the market and still provide ¾” movement.


FAS Track 1000 meets all current building codes and its unique profile design provides industry solutions for meeting deflection requirements where other materials or systems are restricted by design, compressibility, elasticity, or bond strength characteristics. FAS Track 1000 has no restrictions providing 100% unencumbered movement. FAS Track 1000 has been tested for compliance with Section 713.3 of the 2006 and 2009 IBC and 2007 CBC and is listed with UL Underwriters Laboratories in accordance with:

  • UL 2079: Tests for Fire Resistance of Building Joint Systems
  • ASTM E 1966: Standard Test Method of Fire Tests of Firestop Systems
  • ULC S115-M95: Standard Method of Fire Tests of Firestop Systems


Fas Track 1000 is approved for Class III cycling requirements, 500 cycles at 30 cycles per minute, meeting seismic building codes requirements. The class III movement provides design advantages over mastic reliant systems which are currently limited to class II (wind sway) capabilities of 500 cycles at 10 cycles per minute.


Air leakage tests conducted for compliance with Section 713.6 of the 2006 IBC and 2007 CBC are witnessed by UL on conditions using FAS Track as the joint treatment established L-Ratings of less than 1 CFM per lineal foot. Any rating below 1 CFM is also considered the best possible L-Rating. This is achieved with the FAS Track 1000 profile which provides a consistent seal against the drywall


Whether the protection you need is Fire, Air (Smoke), or Sound FAS Track 1000 is all the protection you need in one easy application.
Sound tests were performed at Western Electro-Acoustic Laboratory in Southern California to prove that the FAS Track 1000 profile will maintain maximum STC ratings without secondary acoustic sealant applications. In fact several sound tests were conducted with a ½” to ¾” open joint at the head-of-wall and with a sealed head-of-wall joint on the same wall assembly. Both open and closed joints rendered the exact same STC rating proving that no sound is lost through the open head of wall joint.

Sound tests were also conducted on a 2-1/2” wide stud double wall aka plumbing-wall or chase-wall with a single layer on both sides rendered an STC rating of 60. Adding one layer to only one side of the double wall increased the STC rating to 63.


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