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  • FAS-093X-V


    Product Description

    FAS-093X-V Vinyl Fire Rated Control Joint, manufactured by CEMCO, is a composite control joint with intumescent tape factory applied to the back side of the control joint. The FAS-093X-V has been tested according to UL-2079 “Test for Fire Resistance of Building Joint Systems” and is used to relieve stresses of expansion and contraction of drywall INTERIOR and EXTERIOR partitions or ceilings running in a horizontal or vertical direction in both metal or wood framing on one side or both sides of the wall.  The FAS-093X-V is pink in color and features a co-extruded flexible PVC center that is designed to provide a full 1/2” of protection against the stresses of expansion and contraction.

    US Patent 8,671,632

    Product Information 

    Applicable Standards: Rigid PVC products meet ASTM specifications D3678-97 Class 2, D1784-03, C1047-99 and achieve a Class A rating for flame spread and smoke developed when tested under ASTM E84-10. 

    UL-2079 Standard for Tests for Fire Resistance of Building Joint Systems.

    Limitations: 093X-V must be painted with a high quality paint, especially in exterior applications.

    Installation: 093X-V can be installed with spray adhesive, drywall fasteners, or staples.

    • NO Drywall Rips Required
    • NO Fire Sealant Required
    • NO Mineral Wool Required