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  • Hot Rod XL



    HOTROD XL is a fire rated wall mount deflection bead that provides 1 & 2 hour fire ratings for dynamic and static joints according to UL-2079 5th Edition for concrete and fluted deck assemblies (standard and shaft walls).

    HOTROD XL is sound tested according to ASTM E90, with test reports available.


    • One profile for 1HR or 2HR fire rating, L-rating less than 1CFM/Ln Ft. for ambient and 400° F.

    • Combines HOTROD compressible firestop foam with an easy to finish vinyl drywall accessory, for a 1-step application.

    • Pink perforated attachment flange (mud leg) that is easily identified by an inspector that this is a UL certified firestopping accessory.

    • White vinyl flexible leg conceals compressible firestopping foam and can be painted.

    • Installation is not restricted by temperature or humidity.

    • Pre-install to the front or back side of drywall, eliminates any post firestop installation work after the drywall is installed.

    • Proper installation will provide 1/2″ compression and 3/16″ extension without cracking in head-of-wall, bottom-of-wall or wall-to-wall joints.

    • Fire Spray is NOT required