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    MARINO\WARE SOUND GASKET is a vinyl accessory that provides smoke and sound ratings for both dynamic and static joints. The unique vinyl profile provides a seal along the inside leg to prevent sound flanking along the leg of the slotted and framing screws while the outer bubble gasket will compress to seal against uneven concrete.

    SOUND GASKET is taped into place over the leg of the track for a friction fit. There are no fasteners required for installation. Once properly installed the Sound Gasket provides an unbreakable seal, to provide long term smoke and sound protection.

    SOUND GASKET takes the place of acoustic sealant at building joints.

    SOUND GASKET can be used on head-of-wall, bottom-of-wall, and wall to wall building joints.

    SOUND GASKET is tested for air leakage for compliance with Section 713.6 of IBC and CBC.

    SOUND GASKET is manufactured as a light blue color vinyl that is easily identified by the inspector.

    SOUND GASKET installs fully cured and has no installation temperature or humidity restrictions.

    SOUND GASKET installs on both sides of the wall and comes in 10’ lengths.

    SOUND GASKET can be installed in the field or pre-installed to the track prior to installing track in place.

    SOUND GASKET provides up to ¾” overall unencumbered movement.

    SOUND GASKET is very durable and is not easily damaged, once installed it will not delaminate, it will not take in water, and it will not shrink or harden over time.

    SOUND GASKET provides premium STC ratings.

    • STC 51 on 3-5/8” 20 EQ studs unbalanced walls.
    • STC 55 on 3-5/8” 20 EQ studs balanced walls.