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  • curtainwall rigid clip product image

    Curtainwall Rigid Clip (WRC)

    The WRC series of clips connects exterior studs to the building structure and resists horizontal and lateral loads. The WRC has embossments and a continuous flange to allow for excellent load values.

    Material: 14 ga (68 mil) 50 ksi

    Finish: Galvanized – G90


  • rigid clip connector product image

    Rigid Clip Connector (RCC)

    Rigid Clip Connectors are an easy to use connector, that will save time and money from having to cut longer length angles while reinforcing shorter stud walls vertically or horizontally.

    Material: 12 ga (97 mil) 50 ksi

    Finish: Galvanized – G90


    • Attach long leg of Rigid Clip Connector to web of stud with #10 – 16 screws through all pre-punched holes.
    • Attach short leg of Rigid Clip Connector to foundation with a 1/2″ bolt or other structure per Project Engineer’s design.
    • Can be installed vertically or horizontally.
  • tension ties product image

    Tension Ties (S/LTT and S/HTT)

    The S/HTT14 is a single-piece formed tension tie-no rivets, and a 4-ply formed seat which won’t unfold during loading. No washers are required.
    The S/LTT and S/HTT Tension Ties are ideal for retrofit or new construction projects. They provide high strength, post-pour, concrete-to-steel connections.

    Material: See table in catalog.

    Finish: Galvanized – G90.


    • Use all specified fasteners.
    • Use the specified number and type of screws to attach the strap portion to the steel stud. Bolt the base to the wall or foundation with a suitable anchor; see table for the required bolt diameter.

    Drawings courtesy of Simpson Strong-Tie Co.

  • utility clips product image

    Utility Clips (UA)

    Utility Clips are used in a variety of framing applications including floors, walls and roofs. UA clips are pre-cut with predrilled holes for easy installation.

    • Leg Lengths available from 3 1/4″ through 15 3/4″. See catalog for exact sizes
    • Leg widths available in 1 1/2″, 2″, 3″ and 4″.
    • Large leg clip angles available in 3”x3” legs with 3-1/4”, 5-1/4” & 7-3/4” lengths, without any embossment at the bend line
    • Available in 16, 14 and 12 gauge.
    • Pre-punched for faster and more accurate fastener attachment.

    Material: See Table on catalog pages 2-4 for sizes – 50ksi

    Finish: Galvanized – G90


    • Utility Clips are attached to the cold formed steel (CFS) framing members using #10-16 self-drilling screws; using pre-punched holes.
    • Clip can also be welded to the CFS framing.