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Our line of FrameRite® Connectors are designed specifically to reduce labor while assuring proper attachment of cold-formed steel products. In addition, we feature world-class Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors which are available through Marino\WARE®.

This combination of Marino\WARE® and Simpson Strong-Tie® Connectors unites two industry leaders and offers our customers a one-stop source for the most reliable connectors available. At Marino\WARE® we are dedicated to your success and committed to delivering the best possible products to the metal framing industry. 

  • FrameRite Connectors are the industry’s most comprehensive line of connectors for cold formed steel framing.
  • Designed to significantly reduce time, labor, materials and costs, our connectors facilitate quicker, more cost-effective installation.
  • Along with our partner Simpson Strong-Tie, the industry leader in connectors, we offer over 300 varieties of connectors covering every conceivable load requirement encountered on the jobsite.
  • Save time, labor and cost. FrameRite Connectors give you more control, more options,
    and more ways to build better.

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  • Gusset Plate Unpunched product image

    Gusset Plate (Unpunched) (GP)

    Designed for a variety of construction connections. Used for conditions such as roof, wall and floor framing connections. GPU Plate is used for in plane Truss chord connections, Header to jamb connections and Tension Strap connections. Adapts to varying construction tolerances.

    Material: See Table in Catalog, 50 ksi

    Finish: Galvanized coating weight as requested.


    • As specified by design.
    • 16 Gauge (54 mils) .0566″ Design Thickness
    • 12 Gauge (97 mils) .1017″ Design Thickness
    • Custom sizes available upon request.

    Drawings courtesy of Simpson Strong-Tie Co.

  • katz blocking product image

    Katz Blocking (KB)

    Katz Blocking has been designed to provide top of wall attachment between parallel framing members. Product is pre-punched to work in 16″ and 24″ spacing of parallel framing members of wood or steel.

    Material: See Table in Catalog. 18 ga (43 mil) 33ksi; 20 ga (30 mil) 33ksi; 25 ga (18 mil) 33 ksi

    Finish: Galvanized – G40


    • Insert the pre-cut structural blocking to fit securely between the underside of the floor/ceiling joist or roof trusses.
    • Using #8 minimum self-drilling screws secure the blocking to steel framing of #8d nail to wood framing using the pre-punched holes.
    • Use Katz blocking at 4′ o.c. or maximum specified.
  • Seismic and Hurricane Ties (S/H)

    Designed to provide seismic and wind ties for trusses or joists, this versatile line may be used for general tie purposes, strongback attachments, and as all-purpose ties where one member crosses another.

    Material: 18 ga (43 mil) 33 ksi

    Finish: Galvanized – G90


    Use all specified fasteners.
    The S/H1 can be installed with flanges facing outwards (reverse of illustration) when installed inside a wall for truss applications.
    Hurricane Ties do not replace solid blocking.
    S/H2.5 ties are only shipped in equal quantities of rights and lefts.

  • seismic hurricane ties product image

    Seismic and Hurricane Ties (S/H1A)

    SH1A was designed to fit within several proprietary truss chords to provide uplift resistance.
    Material: 18 ga (43 mil) 33 ksi

    Finish: Galvanized – G90


    • Use all specified fasteners.
    • S/H1A can be installed with flanges facing outwards, reverse of illustration.
      When installed inside a wall for truss applications.
    • S/H1A does not replace a solid blocking.
  • strap ties product image

    Strap Ties (ST/LSTA/MST/MSTA)

    Straps are load rated and provide the correct thickness and number of fasteners the specifier is looking for compared with the field fabricated straps. Install Strap Ties where top or bottom plates are cut, at wall intersections, and as ridge ties. LSTA and MSTA straps are engineered for use on members with a minimum width of 1 1/2″. Reduce the allowable load based on the size and quantity of fasteners used.
    Refer to applicable code for minimum edge and end distances.

    Finish: Galvanized – G90


    • Use all specified fasteners.
  • Twist Straps MTS product image

    Twist Straps (MTS)

    Twist straps provide a tension connection between two members. They resist uplift at the heel of a truss economically. The 3″ bend section eliminates interferences at the transition points between steel members.

    Material: 16 ga (54 mil) 50 ksi

    Finish: Galvanized – G90


    Use all specified fasteners.

  • Utility Clips UA product images

    Utility Clips (UA)

    Utility Clips are used in a variety of framing applications including floors, walls and roofs. UA clips are pre-cut with pre-drilled holes for easy installation.

    • Leg lengths available from 3 1/4″ through 15 3/4″.
    • Leg lengths available in 1 1/2″, 2″, 3′ and 4″.
    • Available in 16, 14 and 12 gauge.
    • Pre-punched for faster and more accurate fastener attachment.

    Material: See Table on catalog pages 2-4 for sizes and loading

    Finish: Galvanized – G90


    • Utility Clips are attached to the cold-formed steel (CFS) framing members using #10 – 16 self-drilling screws: using pre-punched holes.
    • Clip can also be welded to the CFS framing.