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Our line of FrameRite® Connectors are designed specifically to reduce labor while assuring proper attachment of cold-formed steel products. In addition, we feature world-class Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors which are available through Marino\WARE®.

This combination of Marino\WARE® and Simpson Strong-Tie® Connectors unites two industry leaders and offers our customers a one-stop source for the most reliable connectors available. At Marino\WARE® we are dedicated to your success and committed to delivering the best possible products to the metal framing industry. 

  • FrameRite Connectors are the industry’s most comprehensive line of connectors for cold formed steel framing.
  • Designed to significantly reduce time, labor, materials and costs, our connectors facilitate quicker, more cost-effective installation.
  • Along with our partner Simpson Strong-Tie, the industry leader in connectors, we offer over 300 varieties of connectors covering every conceivable load requirement encountered on the jobsite.
  • Save time, labor and cost. FrameRite Connectors give you more control, more options,
    and more ways to build better.

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  • DWSC Slide Clips product image

    DWSC Slide Clips

    The DWSC series of clips allow for vertical and lateral movement of the building stucture independent of the studs. The DWSC has a total of 3″ vertical deflection and a total of 2″ lateral movement and uses shouldered screws which are included for ease of installation.
    Material: 14 ga (68 mil) 50 ksi

    Finish: Galvanized – G90DWSC-Slide-Clips