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  • zinc control product image

    Zinc Control Joint 093 – 10′

    • To relieve the stresses from expansion and contraction across the joint in large ceiling and wall areas in drywall and veneer finish systems. It is used from floor to ceiling in long partition runs and from door header to ceiling. It is also recommended for repair of existing plastered masonry. Made of roll-formed zinc to resist corrosion, it has 3/32″ grounds. Plastic tape protects 1/4″ wide x 7/16″ deep opening, and is to be removed after installation.
    • Limitation: where sound transmission and/or fire ratings are prime considerations, an adequate seal must be provided behind the control joint.
  • doublev product image

    Double V Expansion Joint

    • Relieves the stresses of expansion and contraction in large plastered areas.
  • veneer trim product image

    Veneer L-Trim

    • Used as a veneer plaster stop and as an exposed trim around windows and doors.
    • Used in conjunction with veneer corner bead.
  • 66 casing bead product image

    #66 Expansion Bead

    • Used as a plaster stop and as exposed trim around window and door openings.
    • Recommended at the juncton or the intersection of plaster and other wall or ceiling finishes.
  • mini bead product image

    Veneer Corner Bead (Mini Bead 800/900)

    • Galvanized steel, used with one-coat or two-coat veneer systems to provide 3/32” grounds. With 1-1/4″ fine mesh flanges, either stapled or nailed, it provides an effective plaster key and eliminates shadowing.
  • doublex corner product image

    Double X Corner Bead

    • It is galvanized steel and has full 3-1/8″ flanges. It is easily adjusted for plaster depth on columns and is ideal for structural tile corners with rough masonry. Double X Corner Bead has perforated stiffening ribs along the expanded flanges.
  • k-rite corner product image

    K-Rite Corner Bead

    • A veneer bead used as an alternate to mini mesh veneer bead. It has a 1-1/2″ leg and triangle cut-outs for one or two coat veneer plaster application
  • 1A expander corner product image

    1-A Expanded Corner Bead

    • Wide expanded flanges are easily flexed – preferred for irregular corners.
    • Provides increased reinforcement close to the nose of the bead.
    • Provides an effective plaster key and eliminates shadowing.
    • Available with a 2-5/8” or 3” flanges
  • cornerrite product image


    USE: Expanded mesh component that is used as corner reinforcement on interior angles where lath is not carried around and over non-ferrous bases such as masonry and wood lath.