90° Corner Beads

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Marino\WARE® vinyls, beads, and trims are developed with leading technology and machinery to exacting specifications and each is specially treated for maximum mud adhesion to ensure the high performance and premium quality standard you demand.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Precision manufacturing
  • Superior long-lasting finishes
  • Fewer repairs needed
  • Cures faster and prevents edge cracking
  • Pronounced anchors and dimples


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  • Archway Corner Bead product image

    Archway Corner Bead

    • A high quality trim board that can be used in a variety of radius applications.
  • Splay Bead product image

    Splay Bead

    • This splay bead adjusts easily to a variety of angles.
  • Vinyl Corner Bead product image

    Vinyl Corner Bead

    • Provides rigid protection for the exposed edges of a wall – which can be nailed or staple applied.
    • Flanges are perforated for positive joint compound bond.