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Achieve High STC with a Single Wall

The SoundGuard® Silent Steel Framing System by Marino\WARE® is an efficient solution for noise-controlled construction. SoundGuard achieves excellent sound ratings, while increasing floor space and reducing labor and material requirements, making it the ideal choice for areas where noise transmission is a concern. 

  • Reduces labor and materials
  • Increases available floor space
  • Does not require additional bracing or resilient channel


Precision Framing for Every Construction Challenge

The StudRite® Wall System® is a cold-formed steel C-stud with an impressive strength-to-mass ratio, ideal for framing interior and exterior walls. Precision lengths from the factory, combined with the ability to add solid sections as needed, make StudRite® a cost-effective, efficient choice for modern framing solutions.

  • High strength-to-mass ratio
  • Increased structural performance due to lip-reinforced triangular cutouts and embossments
  • Efficient design for installing plumbing, heating, electrical, and other trades
  • Saves construction professionals valuable time and reduces labor costs


Shear Strength, Shear Value

By combining the strength of steel with a myriad of gypsum-based and substrate panels, Sure-Board’s composite characteristics provide unsurpassed resistance against loads imposed by seismic activity, hurricane-force winds, fire, mold, impact, and blast while actively reducing sound transmission.


Raise the Bar on Safety

Step up your fire defense with Marino\WARE®’s innovative firestopping solutions. Tested for robust fire resistance, our products stand as a formidable barrier against the spread of fire, smoke, and toxic fumes. Beyond safety, enjoy added advantages such as superior sound control and universal fitting, making Marino\WARE® an indispensable partner for ensuring the success of your project.

  • Firestopping and sound control for building joints
  • Innovative firestop devices for faster installation
  • Prevents passage of fire, smoke, and toxic fumes