Marino\WARE®  offers a quality line of drywall framing accessories and drywall finishing products. Our, paper, steel and vinyl components are furnished in uniform lengths, consistent quality, and are manufactured using industry standards.  


  • Quick and easy installation.
  • More absorbency to cure faster and prevent edge cracking.
  • More pronounced anchors and dimples for better adherence and proper joint-compound thickness.
  • Greater wet strength.
  • Resistance to balling or delamination.

Of course, we hold our glue and steel to the same rigorous standards as our paper, standards that exceed ASTM testing (except as noted)

  • Delamination tested in excess of 200 degrees Fahrenheit for best possible adhesive bond.
  • Prime-grade steel with consistent, smooth finish (no waves).
  • Fully tempered to improve strength and durability.


Marino\WARE® steel accessories meet all industry standards, including ASTM and AISI specifications. We provide our accessories with consistent quality, uniform lengths and we meet industry tolerance requirements.

As a finishing material, vinyl carries with it several advantages; it is lightweight, durable, flexible, rust-proof, and makes for an easy installation. Our Corner Beads, Bullnoses, L Tear-Strips, Splay Beads, J-Trims, L-Trims, Control Joints are all available in vinyl.

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