Marino\WARE® offers a quality line of drywall framing accessories and drywall finishing products. Our, paper, steel and vinyl components are furnished in uniform lengths, consistent quality, and are manufactured using industry standards.  


At Marino\WARE, we continually perfected our paper-faced beads and trims until we created a stronger paper with longer, abraded fibers, and gypsum in the pulp to provide:

  • Quick and easy installation.
  • More absorbency to cure faster and prevent edge cracking.
  • More pronounced anchors and dimples for better adherence and proper joint-compound thickness.
  • Greater wet strength.
  • Resistance to balling or delamination.

Of course, we hold our glue and steel to the same rigorous standards as our paper, standards that exceed ASTM testing (except as noted)

  • Delamination tested in excess of 200 degrees Fahrenheit for best possible adhesive bond.
  • Prime-grade steel with consistent, smooth finish (no waves).
  • Fully tempered to improve strength and durability.


(Brief specifications coming soon.)


As a finishing material, vinyl carries with it several advantages; it is lightweight, durable, flexible, rust-proof, and makes for an easy installation. Our Corner Beads, Bullnoses, L Tear-Strips, Splay Beads, J-Trims, L-Trims, Control Joints are all available in vinyl.


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