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Why Use Steel?

Cold-formed steel framing is a versatile structural product for use in load-bearing and curtainwall construction, floor and roof assemblies, mansard and truss frames, as well as interior nonstructural partitions. The popularity of corrosion resistant, galvanized steel framing products can be attributed to these documented benefits:

Non-Combustible Construction

The use of steel framing products, protected with fire resistive materials, offers the designer numerous rated non-combustible assemblies. Increases in floor areas and/or building heights may be attained. Non-combustible fire ratings may also yield long term insurance savings.

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

In curtainwall applications, the reduced dead load of the exterior wall as a result of using steel studs in lieu of masonry may result in primary structural frame and foundation material savings. Exterior retrofits are less likely to require expensive reinforcement of the existing structure. In load-bearing construction, a lightweight steel framing system is a benefit when the site is plagued by poor soil conditions. Multi-story residences requiring unique ground level construction (parking structures, meeting or dining facilities, etc.) benefit from the reduced dead weight applied to the supporting structure.

Design Versatility

Whether used as curtainwalls, floor joists or roof rafters, or in mansard and truss frames, axially loaded partitions, headers, beams, etc. steel framing works well independently or in combination with other structural systems. Steel framing is adaptable to numerous applications traditionally constructed with hot rolled structural steel, wood, masonry or other conventional materials.

Low In-Place and Performance Costs

Steel framing systems are conducive to prefabrication at or away from the job site. Quite often, exterior curtainwalls are partially or entirely prefinished. Quality is improved due to the controlled work environment of the fabrication shop while its efficiency of construction may result in earlier building enclosure and ultimate occupancy. In a similar manner, load-bearing walls, platforms, and trusses may be prefabricated to the close tolerances required of these systems. Steel Framing will not shrink or crack. It does not rot and is impenetrable to termites, vermin and insects. Factory punched holes permit easier installation of pipe, cable, telephone and electrical services.

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