Cold-Formed Steel Framing Solutions for Panelizers

As a recognized leader in quality, service, and selection, Marino\WARE® offers a full line of structural and non-structural framing, as well as shaftwall/area separation products, plastering steel, and drywall finishing products. We are also proud to offer a collection of innovative framing products designed for speeding construction time and extending the life cycle of a building. Our products provide panelizers with reliable, durable, and efficient solutions for constructing panels, ensuring structural stability, safety, and long-term performance.

The Marino\WARE Difference

We follow strict quality control measures, allowing us to manufacture products within tolerances specified for your desired conditions.

Engineering and Technical Services and Support
The Marino\WARE® DesignGroupTM offers a full range of technical support and engineering services, including professionally engineered stamped shop drawings, design and installation assistance on all Marino\WARE manufactured products, and expert advice on structural, nonstructural, fire and acoustic assemblies.

Specialty Products
We offer specialty products that will provide flexibility within your design, including products that provide a lighter load, are trade-friendly and offer additional dependability with load bearing panels for shear walls and structural floor sheathing.

If you have questions or need more information on any of the products listed in this catalog, contact our Technical Services department at, or at 866.545.1545. In most cases Technical Services representatives can provide an immediate response.


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The StudRite® cold-formed steel framing system has one of the best strength-to-mass ratios of any stud in the industry.  Designed for structural and non-structural application, the lip reinforced continuous triangular shaped knockouts provide increased structural performance and greater efficiency for mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades.

  • Knockouts can be configured to meet job conditions
  • Weighs less than traditional studs, which makes for ease of installation
  • Increased acoustical values upwards of 61 STC
  • The open web design reduces conductivity, there by enhancing thermal efficiency. When a 6” 16 gauge StudRite is compared to a 6” conventional stud, StudRite has 15% less heat flow.
  • Extensive fire tests have been performed at UL laboratories with the StudRite wall system classified in 1, 2, 3 & 4 hour non-load bearing assemblies, and it is listed in UL V457 for 1, 2 & 3 hour bearing wall, and exterior wall assemblies
  • IAPMO ES evaluated code compliant



Marino\WARE® brings solutions to market for the steel framing industry.  JoistRite is a specially designed, patented, cold-formed steel joist section that has one of the highest strength-to-mass ratios of any structural material in the market today. The lip reinforced continuous triangular shaped knockouts of this precision floor joist increase efficiency for mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades, with no need to cut or drill holes for conduits, plumbing, and heating ducts. Knockouts can be configured to meet job conditions.

  • Weighs less than traditional joists, which makes for ease of installation
  • Sound tested floor/ceiling assemblies with excellent STC and IIC ratings
  • UL rated assemblies
  • ICC ES evaluated code compliant
  • Easy to handle, reduced installation time


Sure-Board® 200S – Floor

Sure-Board 200S is a floor sheathing product designed for an ever-evolving construction industry. This product meets the demand for stronger and more dependable floor sheathing, making it an indispensable product for architects, engineers, and contractors across the nation. UL-rated for up to 3 hours and code-compliant per our third-party evaluation report, Sure-Board 200S both satisfies current building codes and continues adapting to match the needs of tomorrow, today.

  • No fire-blocking required
  • UL-rated from 1 – 3 hours
  • 4’ x 4’ lighter weight panels for increased labor savings
  • Integrated horizontal blocking
  • 12 sound-tested assemblies
  • 2,000 lb. concentrated load


Sure-Board® 200 – Wall

Sure-Board 200  is a patented panel that uses steel sheet laminated to a substrate. It was designed to replace traditional methods for shear walls. It can also be used for blast resistance.

  • Steel tab reduces horizontal blocking requirements
  • Extensively tested for blast, ballistic and seismic applications
  • Improves quality and helps eliminate problems for all shear, blast and ballistic walls.
  • IAMPO Code Compliant
  • Increased acoustical values upwards to 54 STC
  • 1-Hour & 2-Hour Fire Rated Assembly



ClipSource, from Marino\WARE, is a comprehensive line of connectors for cold-formed steel framing, featuring over 300 varieties of high-quality connectors to cover every requirement on the job. Each product in the line is thoughtfully designed to facilitate quicker, more cost-effective installation, while assuring proper attachment. In addition, ClipSource products strictly adhere to industry standards and are backed by testing to ensure reliability.

  • Significantly reduce time, labor, materials and cost
  • Facilitates quicker, more cost-effective installation
  • Tested
  • ICC ES evaluated code compliant
  • Deflection, rigid, seismic, bridging and bracing, breakaway and utility clip applications