U.S. Patent: #9,523,197; 9,771,715         Canadian Patent: 2,893,390


The Silent Steel Framing System

Narrower Walls – More useable square feet
Lower Material Costs – NO, CRC, Thinner Steel, Smaller Web
Faster Build-out – Single Wall Installation
STC-Equal or Better
1 & 2 HOUR Fire Rating UL V463, W475
Available in 3 5/8″, 4″, and 6″ Wall Assemblies


  • 2 3/4″ Gap to Allow for Pipes and Electrical Conduit Lines
  • Only Available in 6″ “SGW” SoundGuard Studs
  • UL Rated – UL V463, W475
  • STC Tested
  • Solves Framing Issues with Conduits and Pipes


Replaces GA WP Partition and Chase Wall Assemblies with Equal or Lesser Wall Thickness

  • Lower Material Costs – Superior STC Ratings
    • Eliminates Layers of Drywall
    • Reduces the Amount of Studs and Track to Install
    • No Resilient Sound Channel Required
    • No Cross Bracing and CRC Lateral Bracing
  • Faster Build-Out, Saves Labor, Field Tested, Contractor Approved, Pre-Assembled with Built-in Air Space
  • Installs Just Like a Typical Single Stud
  • Risk Reduction Quoting, Planning, Stocking, Waste, Labor Over Runs, Durations
  • UL Rated (V463, W475), Achieves 1 & 2 Hour Fire Rating (ASTM E119)
  • Can Be Used With Slotted Track in 3 5/8″, 4″, and 6″ Widths


  • Narrower Allowable Wall Thicknesses with Better or Equal STC Ratings
    • Increased Room Dimensions
    • Greater Saleable Square Footage
    • Revenue Gains for Owner
  • Equivalent to Many GA WP Partition and Chase Wall Assemblies with Same STC
    • Eliminates Drywall and/or Resilient Sound Channel
    • Increases Rentable Square Footage
    • Half as Many Studs and Track to Install
    • No Cross Bracing and CRC Lateral Bracing     

Traditional Double Stud Sound Wall 

Two each 2 1/2″ studs with 1″ air gap 6″ Total wall width x 18,200 lineal footage of wall = 9,100 sq. ft.

SoundGuard™ Sound Wall

One each of 3 5/8″ SoundGuard™ stud
3 5/8″ total wall width x 18, 200 lineal footage of wall = 5,498 sq. ft.
Savings of Square Footage
Traditional 9,100 sq. ft. – 5,498 sq. ft. 

SoundGuard™ = 3,602 sq. ft. 

Total Dollar Savings to Owner 

3,602 sq. ft. x  $1,065*  $3,836,130

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