The SoundGuard® Silent Steel Framing System is a patented interior framing system specifically designed to easily construct partition walls with high STC ratings. Invented and designed by a contractor, the SoundGuard system was created to save labor on construction and achieves excellent sound rating numbers. The control of noise and vibration is essential for health, safety, environment and quality. SoundGuard Framing System is expertly designed to provide a practical and cost effective solution to noise control. SoundGuard studs and track assemble quickly to provide complete or partial walls for residential condos, apartments, conference rooms, equipment rooms, hospitals, and more.
U.S. Patent: #9,523,197; 9,771,715     Canadian Patent: 2,893,390


The Silent Steel Framing System
Narrower Walls – More useable square feet
Lower Material Costs – NO, CRC, Thinner Steel, Smaller Web
Faster Build-out – Single Wall Installation
STC-Equal or Better
1 & 2 HOUR Fire Rating UL V463, W475
Available in 3 5/8″, 4″, and 6″ Wall Assemblies



2 3/4″ Gap to Allow for Pipes and Electrical Conduit Lines
Only Available in 6″ “SGW” SoundGuard Studs
UL Rated – UL V463, W475
STC Tested
Solves Framing Issues with Conduits and Pipes



Lower Material Costs – Superior STC Ratings

Saves labor and material
No Resilient Sound Channel Required
No Cross Bracing and CRC Lateral Bracing

Faster Build-Out, Saves Labor, Field Tested, Contractor Approved, Pre-Assembled with Built-in Air Space
Handles Just Like a Typical Single Stud
Risk Reduction Quoting, Planning, Stocking, Waste, Labor Over Runs, Durations
UL Rated (V463, W475), Achieves 1 & 2 Hour Fire Rating (ASTM E119)
Use Slotted Track for Deflection Conditions in 3 5/8″, 4″, and 6″ Widths



Narrower Allowable Wall Thicknesses with Better or Equal STC Ratings

Increased Room Dimensions
Greater Saleable Square Footage
Revenue Gains for Owner
Eliminates Resilient Channel
Increases Rentable Square Footage
Half as Many Studs and Track to Install
No Cross Bracing and CRC Lateral Bracing     

Traditional Double Stud Sound Wall 
Two each 2 1/2″ studs with 1″ air gap 6″ Total wall width x 18,200 lineal footage of wall = 9,100 sq. ft.
SoundGuard® Sound Wall
One each of 3 5/8″ SoundGuard® stud
3 5/8″ total wall width x 18, 200 lineal footage of wall = 5,498 sq. ft.
Savings of Square Footage
Traditional 9,100 sq. ft. – 5,498 sq. ft.
SoundGuard®= 3,602 sq. ft.
Total Dollar Savings to Owner 
3,602 sq. ft. x  $1,065*  $3,836,130


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