Sure-Board®: Improve the quality of your next framing project with our tough Sure-Board products

Sure-Board® is an innovative product designed to meet the demands of an ever-evolving construction industry. Sure-Board arose from demand for stronger and more dependable shear wall panels, making it an indispensable product for architects, engineers, and contractors across the nation. Sure-Board both satisfies and surpasses current building codes and continues adapting to match the needs of tomorrow, today. Readily available in varied assortments of laminate materials, Sure-Board stands up to the stressors of climate, geography, and exposure, furnishing ace products to meet your needs.

By combining the strength of steel with a myriad of gypsum-based and substrate panels, Sure-Board’s composite characteristics provide unsurpassed resistance against loads imposed by seismic activity, hurricane force winds, fire, mold, impact and blast while actively reducing sound transmission.


Our revolutionary floor sheathing panels will improve quality and increase efficiency during the installation on your next residential or midrise load bearing project. When you incorporate Sure-Board Series 200S floor sheathing, the finish product prevents the need to work over uneven corrugated deck, or have to bear the delay of pouring and finishing each level if you have been using a deep pandeck system. These delays may be eliminated and production increased at no additional cost. The installation of our series 200S panels do not require any new installation techniques for the field staff. Since the current methods and practices for installation are the same as those used for decades for plywood and OSB panels, we have the huge advantage of eliminating blocking and creating a great structure for the future.



Sure-Board® Series 200 Structural Shear Panels are patented and approved by ICC, IAPMO, DSA and the City of Los Angeles. The Series 200 is manufactured with a single 22-gauge galvanized sheet of steel laminated to any manufactured version of gypsum panel with a water-based EVA adhesive to create and an incredibly strong shear panel that is 1 and 2-hour fire approved.



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Series 200W is also a structural shear panel with one dynamic difference; since 200W is laminated to 1/8″ MDF (medium density fiberboard) the attachment can be with nails or screws. This allows 200W to be attached to wood or steel framing members with exceptional results. 200W is used as a substrate shear panel and can be installed in the field or in a panelized process, saving even more time in the field. And as we all agree…time is money!



SureBoard-Logo-Print JpegSure-Board® Series 200B (“B” as in Blast and Ballistic) is a patented revolutionary product designed for today’s ever changing blast and ballistic construction needs. Developed out of necessity to provide a stronger, longer lasting and more reliable shear wall and blast/ballistic panel, Sure-Board is the best choice for engineers, architects, and contractors alike.

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