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    MARINOWARE FIRE BEAD is a fire rated wall mount deflection bead that provides 1- and 2-hour fire-ratings for both dynamic and static joints according to UL-2079 5th Edition (for both standard walls and shaft walls) and is sound tested according to ASTM E90. Sound Reports available upon request.

    FIRE BEAD provides BOTH 1- and 2-hour fire ratings.

    • The 1-hour profile has a 1/2” gasket with a 5/8” flexible horizontal return leg.
    • The 2-hour profile has a 1/2” gasket with a 1-1/4” flexible horizontal return leg.
    • Provides an L-rating less than 1 CFM/Lin Ft for ambient and 400 degrees F.

    FIRE BEAD is installed fully cured, is not affected by water or moisture and has no temperature restrictions for installation.
    FIRE BEAD has 2 separate compressible sealing points, one against the concrete deck and one against the framing member to prevent sound flanking.
    FIRE BEAD has a pink perforated mud leg to indicate to the installer and inspector that the vinyl accessory is fire rated.
    FIRE BEAD will stay flexible for the life of the assembly.


    FIRE BEAD Installation: Install drywall no more then 5/8” down from concrete or adjoining structure. Install the FIRE BEAD with 847 Spray Adhesive and staple the mud leg with 1/2” staple every 6-8”. Apply joint compound and prior to the final sanding remove the tear off strip for a clean and crisp finish. FIRE BEAD is designed to be attached to the drywall and compressed against the concrete deck or adjoining structure. The flexible gasket compresses with deflection movement to prevent cracking at the head of wall, bottom of wall or vertical wall to wall joints. Finishing: Always use a high-quality paint. Advantages: Composite vinyl/intumescent firestopping accessory that is fully cured. Comes in 10’ lengths with a 5/16” tear off leg that acts as a guide to apply joint compound without masking off adjoining surfaces. Made from rust proof, dent resistant PVC to reduce jobsite and handling damage. Does not contain cellulose, a potential food source for mold, and provides an unlimited shelf life.